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  • Can I apply for the government's Continuing Education Fund for studying this course?  學費可申請政府持續進修基金的資助嗎?
    There is no such arrangement in current stage. Although the tuition fee is not expensive, individuals having difficulties in affording the payment can contact us and apply for reduction in tuition fee. 暫時沒有此安排。 學費雖然並不昂貴,但如有困難,可個別向情心園提出減免申請。
  • What is the qualification of the lecturer? 導師是什麼資歷?
    Our course lecturer, Mr. Ivan Liu, is the founder of Tharros Centre. He studied psychology at University of Derby, UK, with specialisation in young children development, educational psychology, special educational needs, family counselling and art therapy. Areas of field studies include emotional distress, autism, attention deficit and childhood trauma, etc. He has years of experiences in practicing psychotherapies, art therapies, and education in psychology. He is currently members of the British Psychology Society, the American Psychology Association, the American Counseling Association and the American Art Therapy Association. Ivan integrates years of experience in research and psychotherapy practice in composing this series of programme. The programme content is professionally constructed and useful. Ivan will also review the weekly classwork and assignments by providing professional comments and explanation. 本課程的導師是情心園的創辦人 -- Ivan Liu。他畢業於英國德比大學心理學,專長於幼兒發展、教育心理學、特殊教育、家庭輔導及藝術治療。對情緒困擾、自閉、專注力不足、成長創傷等最新研究甚有心得。從事心理治療、藝術治療及心理學教教育多年,經驗豐富。他現為英國心理學會、美國心理學會、美國輔導協會及美國藝術治療協會會員。 Ivan 集合多年的研究及心理治療經驗,精心編寫此套課程,內容嚴謹且實用。堂上練習與每週回家的作業,Ivan 也會以專業親自解說及評論。
  • Can I become an art therapist after completing the course? 取得證書後,我可以當藝術治療師嗎?
    To become a professional art therapist, one requires formal training in psychology or counselling, in addition to structured placement under supervision. The aim of this programme is to provide a comprehensive and systematic art therapy training on art therapy to the people needed, in order to equip themselves to offer help in workplace and personal life. The aim of this programme is not training you to become a lecturer; but after you finish studying it, you can assist in art therapy sessions, and also enrich your professional ability in work position, in particular during face-to-face counselling. 要當一個專業的藝術治療師還需要正規的心理學或輔導訓練,並要加上督導實習。此課程的宗旨是給有需要的人士一個全面而有系統的藝術治療訓練,提升他們在工作上或個人生活上助人的能力。 此課程的目的不是訓練你成為導師,但當你修畢這課程後,你可以當藝術治療助手,也可以在原有工作崗位上加倍發揮,特別在面對面輔導中,能豐富自己的專業技巧。
  • How is the credibility of the certificates? 證書的認受性如何?
    Certificates are issued by Tharros Centre, as evident to the passion and understanding toward art therapy of the students. This programme is highly regarded, with over 800 students including social workers, teachers, counsellors, and art workers. They find the programme as fruitful and useful which largely benefits them in their job position or job hunting. Besides, they consider other contemporary art therapy courses provided outside as nothing comparable to this programme. 證書乃由情心園發出,供修畢學生作為他們對藝術治療鍾情與裝備的證明。 一直以來,此課程備受推崇,過去修讀過的學生逾800人,當中包括不少社工、教師、輔導從業員及藝術工作者,他們都感到內容豐富實用,不是外面一般藝術治療課程所能媲美, 在尋找工作或現行崗位上都有莫大裨益。
  • Where is the course venue? 上課地點在哪?
    All courses of Art Therapy Certificate Programme, as well as tutorial lessons of Art Therapy Higher Certificate Programme, take place at Tharros Centre. Unit 1118, Block A, Hoi Luen Industrial Centre, 55 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon (near APM Kwun Tong; 5 minutes walking distance away from Kwun Tong MTR, Exit B) 所有藝術治療證書課程的課堂,以及藝術治療高級證書課程的面授導修課堂,都於情心園進行。 地址:九龍觀塘開源道55號開聯工業中心 A座 1118室 (近觀塘 APM,從觀塘地鐵站 B 出口步行約 5 分鐘)
  • If I wish to further study after graduation from the Art Therapy Certificate programme, what course can I take? 完成藝術治療證書課程後,我可以報讀什麼課程以作進修?"
    After completion of our Art Therapy Certificate Programmes, if you wish to pursue further study on art therapy and/or psychology, you may consider: Studying the Art Therapy Higher Certificate Programme provided by Tharros Centre Studying psychology or counselling programmes provided by universities Studying art therapy programmes provided by universities 完成藝術治療證書課程後,如你希望在藝術治療或心理學方面再作進修,你可以考慮: 修讀情心園舉辦的藝術治療高級證書課程; 修讀大學提供的心理學或輔導課程; 修讀大學提供的藝術治療課程。
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